Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moving On Up (To The East Side)

Well folks, it was time for a makeover. While I haven't personally had any work done, the blog has! You may have noticed a new banner up top and a new tag line. Why? Well, I'm moving to a new neighborhood and will no longer be representing Hells Kitchen, so it seemed dishonest to keep the old one up there. Besides, we all need a touch-up now and then, right? The bad news is that I might be a little slow at posting while packing and preparing and then following the big move next week. But the good news is that I will soon be cooking in a nice big kitchen (with a window!) on the Upper East Side, where I'll be living with my fella. Oh, didn't know I had a fella? While I've never mentioned him by name, he has indeed made a few cameos on the blog here and there, holding a cheeseburger, dipping a fry or as a distorted reflection in a few photos. All that in addition to occasionally holding props or food styling while I shoot meals and keeping me calm when my dinners are less than lovely. He's also been the unspoken companion on many a food-centric adventure, so when a 'we' sneaks in, that's probably him I'm sharing a meal with.

While I'll miss the Greek spice market, the excellent Amish market and the fantastic fishmonger in my old neighborhood, I can't wait to explore what's in my new one. The area was once home to a large Hungarian population so I'll have no shortage of paprika and sausage--I've already learned how to find fresh chorizo a block away, and then there's a farmers market so close it brings a tear to my eye. So please excuse the infrequent posts for a while, but please do enjoy the updates to the site. I've also been experimenting a bit with the photography and lighting in the new place, so feel free to let me know what you think about all of the changes. I've gotten some excellent and very summery produce from the CSA this week, so stay tuned for some wonderful recipes!



Kathryn said...

Hi Laura! I saw the new banner and tagline the other day and I love it. The Pea Shoot and Ricotta Crostini (I've been wanting to try that recipe) photo makes my mouth water every time I open your page now. :-)

Congratulations on the move! I'm *so* happy for you and I look forward to hearing about your wonderful culinary creations and adventures in your new kitchen and neighborhood and I'll smile knowing that the occasional unidentified finger or reflection here and there is from your wonderful fella. Here's hoping the packing, moving, and unpacking goes very smoothly and you are settled in your new home and ready to post again soon.

dawnH said...

Now I have that darn theme song in my mind. Hope you enjoy the Upper East Side. Some great neighborhoods.

jen jafarzadeh said...

congrats on the move, laura! so fun – nothing better than living and eating together with your beau on a daily basis.