Monday, June 1, 2009

Calling All Cooks!

I am currently researching pizza dough and have yet to develop the perfect recipe. Because dough is fickle and can be affected by moisture and altitude, most recipes that I've heard are great have yet to act as such when I tackle them. Not to mention, they are not always very specific on exactly what to do. So, in hopes of concocting a relatively fool-proof recipe, I'd like to open up the comments section to any suggestions or recipes you may have on making great pizza dough. I'm looking for dough that bakes light, thin and crispy, with a clean, rustic flavor. Please leave your tips, dos AND don'ts, or words of encouragement in the comments section. Hopefully with a little help, I can perfect the recipe and share it with everyone. Thanks in advance for any comments or tips.



weinoo said...

Hi Laura,

You might check out a post of mine I did about pizza - it has links to a site where the famous Patsy's pizza crust is deconstructed.

Tina said...

Hello Laura,

You should try the pizza dough recipe from
Arthur Schwartz', "Naples at Table". It's a great recipe and is consistent. It's even better if you let the dough stay in the refrigerator overnight. Happy baking!