Monday, May 4, 2009

I Heart Your Blog

I spend a lot of time reading blogs, and as a blogger myself, I must say that I am choosy about which ones will benefit from my return visit. Some blogs are useful, or well written, some are merely beautiful, and still others have passionate and informed individuals behind them (a MUST for me). There are a lucky few that meet more than one of the requirements for entry into my personal blogosphere, and today's featured blog fits perfectly into that category. East Harlem NYC launched this year with the goal of spreading the word about the culture, food and all around happenings of this under-appreciated northern Manhattan neighborhood. With just a handful of blogs specializing in the area, the folks behind this great new blog (Gloria and Sam) have a lot to cover, but are already making a dent in the area with a number of restaurant and bar reviews. They are active volunteers in their community (and throughout the city) and always spread the word about volunteer opportunities in the East Harlem area.

For those unfamiliar with the area, East Harlem is a fast-growing neighborhood also known as Spanish Harlem. It has a predominately Spanish speaking population, making it home to some of the best Mexican and Puerto-Rican food in Manhattan. I can attest first hand that around every corner lurks a stellar plate of sopes or a killer authentic taco. No visit to East Harlem is complete without a stop for food and a shopping trip to the nearest bodega for crema (what you should be eating with your Mexican food instead of sour cream) and yummy Mexican sodas. So pay East Harlem NYC a visit whether you're new to the neighborhood or not, and take away a bit of real New York and authentic culture.