Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beyond the Knee

Sorry for the lack of recipe today, but I yet again had something else to do besides cook for once (believe it or not, I do occasionally venture out into the world). Yesterday was the final game of my winter volleyball season, and although we lost all three games (with incredible gusto), I didn't go home empty handed: I got a big, fat, bloody knee as a consolation prize. Knowing that I'd really be feeling it tomorrow (especially on the walk to work--seriously, it looks like two knees fighting for world domination), I decided to leave last night's dinner in the fridge and grab a burger and a beer with the team. This proved to be a smart idea, since evidently the pain fades slightly the more you drink.

A few beers later I got home and learned that (lucky me!) I'd actually managed to cut open my left knee as well, although this one, unlike my right knee, was not swollen to the size of a baseball and leaning to the left--it was more like a golf ball. The lesson learned is that if I can't keep from diving after the ball (which I now realize I do a lot) then I have to get knee pads before the spring season starts next month. Otherwise, I'm going to be out of commission and worse, out of the kitchen, for far too long--and that's just no way to live. So, check back tomorrow for a delicious fish recipe that's so easy, I can make it with two bum knees and a migraine :)


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Alyssa said...

that sucks Laura! I hope your knees are feeling better!