Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Under The Weather

That's right, I'm sick. It appears that getting stuck in the rain, in Williamsburg, (no offense to my many Brooklyn dwelling friends with whom I ate on the night in question) can in fact give you a cold. So, dear readers and friends, I will be taking every free moment this week normally spent cooking and writing, and putting it to good use sleeping off the throbbing and coughing. I will see you again soon with a few delicious and vegetarian friendly dishes (could this be the fever talking?), not to mention some lovely photos from a housewarming tea party that I attended this weekend (my first ever). In the meantime, I'll be living off of chicken noodle soup, pho, and vitamin C, and putting off my apartment search for next week. Check back in a day or two for updates!



Jonah said...

I blame it on Williamsburg! Feel better.

Alyssa said...

how are you feeling Laura?

we (ok, I) miss you!